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A New Horizon: The Story Behind Lucia Weitzman’s Appearance at Yemin Orde Youth Village

In an emotional visit to Israel’s Yemin Orde Youth Village in June 2019, Lucia Weitzman shared her story of resilience and hope with a group of diverse students. Yemin Orde is home, school, and safe haven for at-risk immigrant youth from around the world. It was initially established for orphaned Holocaust survivors—as Lucia was. This […]

Papa in the Sky: A Letter to My Father on Rosh Hashanah

  Dear Papa,   When you left us 25 years ago, passing away peacefully in your sleep, I wonder what was foremost in your mind. Was it your legacy? Were you worried about us carrying on?  Please be assured that your legacy is very much cherished and honored, and that we have carried on in […]

How Mother’s Day Can Change The World

This Mother’s Day, I am of course grateful for the life and nurturing my mother gave me.  And I am blessed that she is still with me.  Yet even in the annals of mother-son bonds, I dare say that our bond has been unusually strong given our eighteen-year collaboration on a book about her extraordinary […]

A Yom HaShoah Reflection: Lucia Weitzman Talks About Choices

Choices Have Both Personal and Universal Consequences The Biblical story of Adam and Eve demonstrates how choices have both personal and universal consequences.   On Yom HaShoah, as we recall the enormity of the Holocaust, we should consider all the personal choices, from the seemingly trivial (such as a childhood taunt) to the significant (such the […]

A Golden Eagle, Hard-Boiled Brown Eggs, and A Black Woman: What Do These Have to Do with Passover?

Three days before Passover in 2008, Lucia Weitzman dreamt that a golden eagle descended from the sky and embraced her with its wings. Onlookers watched in awe.