The Rose Temple

Memoir and Historical Narrative by S. Mitchell Weitzman

The Rose Temple by Mitchell Weitzman is the compelling story of a woman, a Jewish child Holocaust survivor, raised Catholic, who unexpectedly receives Biblical messages in the course of an astonishing spiritual journey. She finds answers to questions about God’s presence in our world during times of evil and suffering. Reading her story will ignite the power that lies within you to heal and transform yourself and the world you live in.

The extraordinary life of Lucia Weitzman begins in a small town in Poland, where as a toddler she is trapped with her parents in a Nazi-imposed ghetto. In a desperate attempt to save their daughter, Lucia’s parents place her in the care of a Polish couple who risk their own lives by taking her in. After the war ends, at age five she discovers her Jewish origins but remains with her adoptive parents.

Growing up a practicing Catholic, yet often taunted or threatened for being born Jewish, Lucia struggles with questions of identity and faith while drawing on a deep well of inner strength that would take her years to acknowledge and explain.

Forced to flee Poland to avoid arrest, she leaves everyone and everything she knows behind. She marries a Jewish man and raises a traditional family in suburban Detroit. But at age fifty-three, orphaned again by the death of her husband, her life takes on another dramatic turn as she embarks on a worldwide spiritual quest.   

Vivid dreams and inspired writings lead to mystical experiences containing profound messages about how to overcome adversity, empower personal growth, and find your soul’s purpose.

Lucia Weitzman’s conviction that “we all walk in God’s light and that we can choose a path that connects us to each other and to God” will inspire readers of all faiths and backgrounds.

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