The Rose Temple

A Child Holocaust Survivor’s Voice of Faith, Hope and our Collective Future

Meet the woman…

whose compelling story—from embattled but triumphant Jewish girl raised Catholic in postwar Poland to adult spiritual messenger — will introduce you to a healing voice that must be heard in these turbulent times.

Part memoir and part historical narrative, The Rose Temple is the inspirational, thought-provoking tale of Lucia Weitzman, who as a toddler during the Holocaust was placed by her parents into the care of a Polish Catholic couple in a desperate attempt to save her.

Lucia struggled with—and because of—her dual identity before reconnecting with the Jewish community in early adulthood.  She married a Jewish man and raised a traditional family. Years later, after her husband’s death, long-suppressed emotions rose to the surface and she confronted God at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. So began another distinct phase of her life, an unforgettable spiritual journey . . .

The Rose Temple – A Child Holocaust Survivor’s Vision of Faith, Hope, and our Collective Future

At the Wall, during the holiday of Sukkot, Lucia sensed a response to her Divine challenge. She considered brushing the incident aside, but more unexplained experiences followed that seemed to call on her to decipher their messages. At first frightened, she learned to trust her spiritual sensibilities that gave deeper meaning to her experiences while answering larger questions about God’s presence during times of evil and suffering. She began to share with her son, Mitchell, her mysterious writings and dreams, which often contained Biblical images.

Mitchell was at first concerned about the reaction he thought his mother would encounter in sharing her experiences with the wider world. But as her resolve strengthened, so did his. Together, they set out to tell her story.

The result is The Rose Temple, a testament to the power of choice that lies within each of us to transform and attempt to heal both ourselves and the troubled world we live in.